The graph shows the number of patients aged 0-19 per 1000 inhabitants aged 0-19 who have at least once during the year filled an ADHD medication prescription in Sweden. The number displayed at the end of the lines (e.g., 'x7', seven times higher) indicates the change between the first and the last year for which data is available.

Currently, there are five ADHD medication active ingredients approved for use in Sweden. Three of these are central nervous system stimulants - metylfenidat, dexamfetamin and lisdexamfetamin. Two of these are not central stimulants - atomoxetin and guanfacin. Data can be displayed separately for each of them. Note that these are names of active ingredients but they may be sold under different brand names.

*Please note that in the plot showing all active ingredients together the number of patients is simply a sum of patients which have filled prescription for each of the active ingredients. Therefore, if a patient has filled a prescription for more than one type of ADHD medication during the same year, they would be counted more than once. This means that the actual number of patients may be lower than the one displayed in this summed number. Different active ingredients are often tried when starting ADHD medication to find out which one is working best or needing to switch to another medication for some reason, so this does occur. This is not an issue when looking at each active ingredient separately.